icecream is a female contestant on object universe she is the team captaim of team icecream when window told contestants they could rename their teams she selfishly kept the name team icecream

Blast into spaceEdit

episode 1 bottle asked icecream what it feels like to have arms and she replied just feels normal I guess in the challenge IC and basketball were left and she feel off the the poll and was up for elimination


  • Ice Cream is the only food contestant, not including apple

    ice cream my fave contestant ;P

    Object Universe - Episode 9 "Revived Rivals"

    Object Universe - Episode 9 "Revived Rivals"

    i love this episode

  • Ice Cream is the only female team leader.
  • Ice Cream is one of the most hated contestants who has the most enemies.
  • She is the only original contestant that has both arms and legs
  • In episode 11, Bow said that ice cream was actually eggs